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Residents may view City meetings remotely via livestream on the City website, YouTube, Spectrum Cable TV Channel 3, or Frontier Cable TV Channel 26.

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall. Agendas are prepared by Development Services Department and are available at City Hall, Upland Library, and the City website 72 hours before each meeting and 24 hours prior to a Special Meeting. Meeting dates for November and December are generally rescheduled to avoid conflicts with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

The powers and duties of this Commission are to prepare, periodically review, and revise, as necessary the General Plan; annually review the Capital Improvement Program of the City and the local public works projects of other local agencies for their consistency with the General Plan; perform other functions as the City Council provides; perform such other land use-related functions pursuant to State laws pertaining to conservation, planning and zoning as the City Council may direct or provide; serve as the Airport Land Use Committee, applying the procedures and findings set forth in the Municipal Code in regards to all processes relating to a request for an implementation/land use compatibility decision, preparation, adoption and amendment to the Comprehensive Airport Land Use Plan of the City of Upland conforming to requirements set forth in Public Utilities Section 21670.1.


The following members are serving on the Upland Planning Commission:

Robin Aspinall (Chair)
Brian Staton (Vice Chair)John Andrews
Christine S. CaldwellThomas Grahn
Jeffrey JohnsonMonica Marroquin

In addition to the Planning Commissioners listed above, the following member is serving on the Airport Land Use Committee:
- Ron Campbell
- VACANT - Please contact the City Clerk's office at (909)931-4120 if you are interested in serving in this capacity.

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2023 - Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

2/22/23 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
1/25/23 CancelledAgenda

2022 - Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

12/14/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
11/16/22 RegularAgendaPacketMinutes
10/26/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
Supplement 2
10/5/22 Special MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
09/28/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
08/24/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
Supplement 2
Supplement 3
07/27/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
06/22/22 CancelledAgenda
05/25/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
04/27/22 CancelledAgenda
03/23/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
03/09/22 CancelledAgenda
02/23/22 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
01/26/22 CancelledAgenda

2021 - Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

12/15/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
Supplement 2
11/17/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
10/27/21 CancelledAgenda
9/23/21 Special Joint Meeting of City Council and Planning CommissionAgendaPacket
9/22/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
8/25/21 CancelledAgenda
7/28/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
6/23/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
6/22/21 Special Joint CC & PC WorkshopAgendaPacketMinutes
5/26/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
4/28/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
4/19/21 Special Joint CC & PC WorkshopAgendaPacketMinutes
3/24/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
Supplement 2
2/25/21 Special Joint CC & PC WorkshopAgendaPacketMinutes
2/24/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesSupplement 1
Supplement 2
Supplement 3
Supplement 4
Supplement 5
Supplement 6
1/27/21 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes

2020 - Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

12/9/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
11/18/20 Special Joint PC & ALUC MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
10/28/20 CancelledAgenda
9/23/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
8/26/20 CancelledAgenda
8/12/20 Special MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
7/22/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
7/8/20 Special MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
6/24/20 CancelledAgenda
6/10/20 WorkshopAgendaPacketMinutes
5/27/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
5/13/20 Workshop - CancelledAgenda
4/22/20 CancelledAgenda
3/25/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
2/26/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
2/12/20 Special PC & ALUC MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
1/22/20 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes

2019 - Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

12/11/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
11/13/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
10/23/19 CancelledAgenda
9/25/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
8/28/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
7/24/19 CancelledAgenda
6/26/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
6/17/19 Special Joint CC, PC & ALUC MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
5/22/19 CancelledAgenda
4/24/19 CancelledAgenda
3/27/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
2/27/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes
1/23/19 Regular MeetingAgendaPacketMinutes

For agendas, packets, or minutes prior to 2019, please contact the City Clerk's office at (909)931-4120.


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