General Plan & Map

General Plan Map

The City of Upland’s General Plan, adopted in September 2015, sets a new direction for the future of Upland. Last updated in its entirety in 1982, this General Plan Update provides a comprehensive and integrated “constitution” for growth and preservation in the City, which forms the basis for all other City plans, programs, ordinances and operations. In 2005, the City underwent an extensive community visioning exercise. The resulting vision provides a framework for the development of focused goals and policies within each General Plan Element. The General Plan Update process began in 2008 and was informed by ongoing input from residents, businesses, developers and decision-makers over the course of its six-year development.

Housing Element 2013- 2021

General Plan Table of Contents and Introduction

Chapter 1 - Land Use Element

Chapter 2 - Focus Areas Element

Chapters 3 - Community Character Element

Chapter 4 - Economic Sustainability Element

Chapter 5 Circulation Element

Chapters 6 - Open Space -Conservation Element

Chapter 7 - Public Facilities Element

Chapter 8 - Healthy Community Element

Chapter 9 - Safety Element


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