City Council & Treasurer

Council Actions

Actions of the City Council take the form of ordinances, resolutions and minute actions.

When providing a permanent rule of government or conduct the City Council will adopt an ordinance. An ordinance is a legislative action of the City and requires two readings, introduction and adoption, at separate City Council meetings. Thirty days after adoption the ordinance becomes law and is enforced by the appropriate City department. When public health, safety, and welfare are concerned, or when certain pressing circumstances prevail, the City Council may pass an urgency ordinance that becomes effective immediately.  An ordinance is a permanent action of City Council and may be amended or repealed by a subsequent ordinance. Ordinances are codified into the Upland Municipal Code.  You may view the Upland Municipal Code online at

A resolution expresses City Council policy or directs certain types of administrative action. It may become effective immediately, and may be amended or repealed by a subsequent resolution.

Minute actions are actions taken at the meeting that do not require an ordinance or resolution. For example, approval of the minutes, warrants, contracts, or accepting a report, etc.




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