Oversized Load

Transportation Permit

How do I apply for an oversized load permit?

When is an Oversized Load Permit necessary?

A permit is required when a vehicle, equipment or load may need to be transported through the City of Upland that is beyond standard legal limits

Where are Oversized Load Permits issued?

Permits are issued via email/fax. Please fax application and correspondence to the Public Works Department at 909-931-4321. For application instructions or additional questions, please call 909-931-4314.  See below for application.

What are the costs?

You may request an annual permit or a per application permit.

Annual permit is $90.00 per vehicle, One time permit is $16.00 per load

Why must I have an Oversized Load Permit?

You must have an oversized load permit to haul large loads through the City of Upland’s city boundaries for many reasons. The City must know what type of load you are transporting in case of emergency, in order to mitigate traffic impact, allow inspectors to follow-up as necessary and in order to maintain general public safety. Additionally, there may be restrictions to the travel routes due to construction, schools, events, etc. Finally, interdepartmental coordination for City personnel must all be aware of activities throughout the City.

Who may apply for an Oversized Load Permit?

Contractors or businesses that transport oversized loads. You must have a valid business license and all proper insurance in order to apply.


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