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2022 Ballot Measure

The Upland City Council voted unanimously on August 8, 2022 to place a Public Safety and City Services Measure on the November 2022 ballot. Measure L would enact a 1-cent local sales tax until ended by voters, providing a stable source of locally controlled funds.

If voters say yes, Measure L will provide an estimated $16 million a year to address significant public infrastructure and public safety needs within the City of Upland.

The proposed Measure was placed on the ballot following significant community engagement with residents and business owners. An independent City Manager’s Advisory Panel, who reviewed Uplands’ financial documents, prior budget balancing measures and fiscal task force reports, staffing levels, and infrastructure materials issued recommendations to the City Council on potential solutions to address local financial and service needs. Placing a local funding measure on the ballot for Upland voters to consider was among their recommendations.

The funding Measure includes strict fiscal accountability provisions, including independent citizens’ oversight, public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits. No measure funds can be taken by the county, state, or federal governments.

For information on Public Safety & City Services Ballot Measure L Town Hall Meetings please click here.


Primary Arguments and Rebuttals

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Frequently Asked Questions about Measure L

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How Measure L will appear on your ballot


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