Tuesday, July 29

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Dance: Chair Belly Dance - DANCE 51

Chair Belly Dance is a NO-impact form of exercise. Exercising for 30-minutes seated in a chair will increase strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Those with limited mobility, injuries or disabilities will find it especially helpful. Seniors citizens, people with chronic pain diseases, and athletes recovering from an injury will all find Chari Belly Dance a great way to maintain their health. Chair Belly Dance is also an effective alternative if you have never exercised, cannot stand for a prolonged amount of time or are just returning to a fitness routine. This class may also help to lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Instructor: “Fatima”

Please contact the Gibson Senior Center to register at (909) 981-4501.

Sign-ups are limited.

Start Date: Friday, 12/31/2010

Days: Tuesday

Time: 12:00-12:30 p.m.

Number of Classes: On Going

Ages: 55 years +

Location: Gibson Senior Center, 250 N. Third Ave., Upland

Fee: Free

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