Tuesday, June 30

Upland Police Department

Traffic Division

The Upland Traffic Division consists of six motorcycle police officers and one Traffic Sergeant.  Prior to being assigned to the motor unit, each member must pass an internal testing process and a state certified motor officer course.  Once selected for the motor officer position, each officer will serve in that capacity for a six year period.

     The unit investigated 735 traffic collisions in 2006, 429 of which involved injury to 597 persons.  Additionally, five traffic collisions resulted in seven fatalities.  The department issued 2,743 moving violations, 3,610 speeding violations and 1,229 equipment violations in 2006.  The traffic officers investigate collisions involving injuries, hit & run drivers, and city involved properties.  Due to manpower restraints, the police department does not investigate non-injury traffic collisions.  The traffic division is responsible for all traffic-related problems throughout the city and will be utilized throughout the school year to provide directed enforcement action at all Upland schools.
     The Traffic Enforcement Index (TEI) calculates how many traffic accidents occur in relation to the number of hazardous violation citations that are issued.  Upland's TEI for 2006 was 28.5 (i.e.., for every 28.5 hazardous citations issued; there was one injury traffic collision).  This is an increase from 25.3 in 2005.