Monday, July 6

Upland Police Department

School Resource Officer

Making a Difference for our Youth

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is now in its fifth school year as a cooperative effort between the Upland Police Department and the Upland Unified School District. The Police Department has a full time police officer assigned to the School District to specifically handle school related issues, which relieves patrol officers of much of the responsibility.

Having an SRO on campus allows the officer to address the needs of schools as well as the needs of the student population, whereas a patrol officer may not have the opportunity to address such needs.

The SRO is currently involved with a collaborative of community members and various community organizations to procure a grant to fund the current program, as well as to expand it so more students are positively impacted by the presence of the SRO on campus.

The SRO position continues to be a successful program in addressing enforcement of applicable laws, conducting classroom presentations and improving interaction between law enforcement and students.