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New Recreation Online Registration Software!

Introducing our new Upland Recreation online registration software program beginning July 1 2015! To register for classes and activities online, please visit our new software, please click here!

H2O Conservation Ordinance Stage "High"

For more information on the H2O Conservation Ordinance, please click on the PDF below.

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Regional Sewage Treatment Rate Adjustments

To View the Regional Sewage Treatment Rate Adjustments, please click on the PDF below.

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Consumer Confidence Report 2014

Please Click on the PDF to view the Consumer Confidence Report 2014.

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Adult Crossing Guard Study

Adult Crossing Guard – Intersection Locations

Intersection Location:

11th St. & San Antonio Ave.
11th St. & Benson Ave.
Arrow Hwy. & Benson Ave.
7th St. & San Antonio Ave.
13th St. & Thirteenth Ave.
15th St. & Tulare Ave.
18th St. & Mountain Ave.
14th St. & Second Ave.
13th St. & Mountain Ave.
Arrow Hwy. & Fifth Ave.
22nd St. & Vallejo Way

Note: These intersection locations are subject to change.

Adult Crossing Guard Study prepared by Al Grover & Associates
dated February 2015

This report provides the analysis of twenty-one intersections within the City of Upland were evaluated for Adult Crossing Guards in accordance with Chapter 7D, Crossing Supervision, of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) dated November 7, 2014. To view the report, please click on the PDF below.

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General Plan & Zoning Code Update

Please click below for the General Plan Update, Zoning Code Update, Cable Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan and Climate Action Plan.

Upland Veterans' Monument

Honoring all U.S Military Service Members. Please support the Upland Veterans’ Monument Project. Your contributions are vital to this effort. Become a part of this tribute to those who have served. For more information, please click on PDF below. To Donate or purchase a tile please click here

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Animal License Application

Click on the PDF below to fill out and print the Animal License Application.

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Water, Sewer and Solid Waste information

To view FAQ's and Rate increases, please visit the links below.

Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15

To review the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15, please click on the PDF below ( Depending on your bandwidth speed it may take a minute to load PDF file due to size ).

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2013 Consumer Confidence Report

The NEW 2013 Consumer Confidence Report describing the features and quality of our drinking water supply is now available.The Water Division of the City of Upland's Public Works Department is pleased to provide this information.

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2010 Urban Water Management Plan

The 2010 Urban Water Management Plan prepared by the City of Upland, describes a balanced approach to the management of water supplies for the City.  The UWMP provides guidance by describing and evaluating sources of water supply, efficient uses of water, demand management measures, implementation strategy and schedule and other information and programs.  The UWMP will serve as a long range planning tool to help the City assess their water resource needs.  It is a solid basis for local and regional water management planning.

To learn more about the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan, please click here.

City Manager's Newsletter

A weekly review of City operations.

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Upland Today

The News Magazine and Recreation Guide for the City of Upland.

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