Sunday, July 5

The Upland Fire Department


In the area of Budget, the Operations Division is responsible for developing the department's four million dollar budget. Included in this budget are areas such as manpower, overtime, benefits, workers comp, outside purchases (consumable items), personnel development, fuel, safety clothing, dispatch costs, utilities, building maintenance, technology, vehicles, equipment, training, fire prevention, station expenditures, Joint Power allocations, Reserve Firefighters, Explorers, and Volunteer programs. During the year, the Operations Division approves and tracks all expenditures of the department.

The area of Development and Implementation of Policies/Rules/Regulations encompasses an ongoing evolution as we identify problems and seek to regulate their solutions with precise language that is agreed to by unions, management, and City Council. The Chief of the Operations Division has assisted in the development and implementation of policies, rules, and regulations pertaining to planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing the City's fire suppression, prevention, emergency medical services, hazardous material/waste programs and other services with other City departments, other fire departments and agencies.

Communications and Dispatch is handled through a joint effort of five cities. This cooperative effort has enhanced mutual aid and provided citizens with effective use of manpower and superior services.

The Chief of the Operations Division is currently Chair of the Operations Committee that serves the Joint Powers Authority. The Operations Committee is comprised of the operations officers from five major cities: Upland, Ontario, Montclair, Rancho Cucamonga, and Chino. Their charge is to make recommendations to each respective Fire Chief regarding joint purchasing, joint training, joint equipment usage, and other collaborative efforts that are economically beneficial or that utilize labor more effectively. Participating in the Joint Powers Authority proves the value and power of cooperative efforts.