Monday, July 6

The Upland Fire Department

Emergency Survival

Emergency Preparedness

The City of Upland Emergency Operations Plan identifies the City’s emergency planning, organization, and response policies and procedures. The plan also addresses the integration and coordination with other governmental levels.

Emergency Preparedness encompasses:

•City of Upland Emergency Operations Plan
•Department Specific Emergency Operations Plan(s)
•Emergency Preparedness Public Education
•Emergency Operations Center Coordination
•Long Range Emergency Preparedness Planning

The plan is based upon the functions and principles of the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), which is based on the FIRESCOPE Incident Command System (ICS), and identifies how the City fits in the overall SEMS structure.

The plan addresses how the City will respond to extraordinary events or disasters, from preparedness through recovery.

The City of Upland recognizes that the planning process must address each hazard that threatens the City. Upland is vulnerable to a wide range of threats. There are three broad categories of hazards: natural, technological, and man-made. A fourth category for national security may be considered during an actual or pending state of war.

Earthquake is considered to be one of the most potentially destructive threats to life and property in Upland.