Monday, June 29

The Upland Fire Department


Message from the Fire Chief

The Administrative Section of the Upland Fire Department is housed in the Upland Civic Center Complex on Euclid Ave., south of Arrow. The address of Administration is 475 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, California 91785-0460.

Fire Department Administration is responsible for the daily activities, both emergency and non-emergency department wide. From public education displays, fire extinguisher demonstrations, CPR instruction, emergency fire and medical aid responses, the Fire Department is here and ready to help.

The dedicated men and women of the Upland Fire Department strive to provide the citizens and guests of the city, outstanding customer service in all of areas of our department.

Department Slogan
“Pride and Dedication”

Vision Statement
It it’s the vision of the Upland Fire Department to be recognized by our community as a model of excellence and a leader in the fire service by providing all risk hazard mitigation. Our organization will strive to manage and deploy resources in an efficient and effective manner while honoring our values, accomplishing our mission, and achieving our goals.
Fire Department Mission Statement
The mission of the Upland Fire Department is to provide protection of life, property and the environment from the effects of fire, medical emergencies and other hazards.

We will provide the highest level of service to our customers through prevention, preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery. We will also provide public education and community outreach.

This mission will be accomplished with the prudent utilization of public funds.

Rick Mayhew - Fire Chief