Saturday, July 4

Community Development

Special Event Permit Guidelines

The City of Upland requires Special Event Permits for various events held within the City of Upland. If you are planning an event that will include 75 or more people or will have a DJ or live band, then you will need a Special Event Permit.

  • Special Event permits should be submitted 30 days prior to the event to allow sufficient time for fire and police approvals.
  • No alcohol is allowed in City parks.
  • If alcohol is being served at a Special Event, then the applicant must obtain a Daily License from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
    • The ABC application must be turned into the Police Department for approval, then to Community Development for approval by the City Manager or his representative.


  1. Click here for a Special Event Permit Application or pick one up from the Community Development Department.
  2. Submit a completed Special Event Permit Application.
  3. Pay applicable fees.
  4. Submit all additional filing requirements as listed below.
  5. Upon final approvals, Community Development will email, fax, or mail a copy of the approved application to the applicant.


  • Detailed Site and Vicinity Map. Provide a site plan showing required items. For list of required items, see number 1 under map requirements attached to the application.
  • Temporary membrane structures, tents, and canopies shall be inspected prior to the event, including bounce houses exceeding 200 square feet (Show location on site plan map).
  • A CERTIFICATE OF FLAME RETARDANCE is required if a tent or canopy is proposed.
  • Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 indicating the City of Upland as an “additional insured.” Applicants should utilize their own insurance company for events on private property. For events on City property, in cases where the applicant does not have insurance of their own, insurance may be obtained through Total Event Insurance.
  • Letter of Authorization from Property Owner if applicant is not the property owner.
  • Permit Fees are due at time of application submittal (See page attached to application for fee rates).
  • Additional Fees: For pyrotechnic / special effects, applicant shall submit a copy of the Pyro technician’s current license, photo identification, and proof of insurance from Pyro Tech Company. The Pyro Tech Company shall apply for a separate permit, pay fees, and meet Fire Department requirements.

Please contact Linda Clement (909) 931-4143 in Community Development with any questions on Special Event Permits.