Saturday, April 19

City Hall

City Manager's Focus



First of all, on behalf of the Upland City Council, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


The last few years have been very challenging for the City of Upland. The “Great Recession” has taken its toll on our employees’ ability to provide top-notch services to our citizens. In fact, the City has fewer employees now than they did ten years ago, yet the City’s population has increased by approximately 5,000 residents, housing units have increased by over 1,300 units, and retail space has increased by approximately 1 million square feet. These increases relate to increased demands for services of various City departments. Also, it is important to note that when the economy falters, the demand for services do not decrease but instead they increase. For instance, in a struggling economy, there are more people out of work resulting in crime against property increasing, causing more of a strain on our police department. In regards to paramedic services, when people need basic medical attention they may call the paramedics to attend to them in lieu of going to the doctor’s office. Similar situations occur in several City departments as a result of a down economy.


I ask the citizens of Upland for their patience when requesting service from the City. All service calls are important as is providing excellent service to our residents. There are times however, when the demand for services exceeds our ability both in human and financial resources to respond to such requests. When this happens, requests are prioritized with those that affect the health, safety and welfare of our citizens being most important. Our staff will respond as quickly as possible to all requests made, but we ask for your understanding as the demand is great and resources are thin. Although it is the City’s intent to be able to address every need and request made by its citizens, there will be times when we will be unable to make everyone happy. We again ask for your patience during this time as we work towards providing the best possible service within our means.


Thank you.


Stephen Dunn

City Manager