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Agenda/Minutes/Public Notices & Postings

Postings for City Council Advisory Committee

Type Date Topic View
Agenda 03/27/2014 CCAC Cancellation Notice for 04/02/2014 Details
Agenda 02/27/2014 CCAC Meeting Cancellation Notice Details
Agenda 01/30/2014 CCAC Meeting Cancellation Notice for 02/05/2014 Details
Agenda 01/02/2014 CCAC Meeting 2014-0108 Cancellation Notice Details
Agenda 11/27/2013 CCAC Agenda and Minutes Details
Agenda 10/31/2013 CCAC Agenda & Minutes Details
Agenda 10/02/2013 CCAC Agenda & Minutes Details
Agenda 08/07/2013 Notice of Adjournment Details
Agenda 08/07/2013 Agenda Details